(31) Days of Good: 12.15.13


Had David Bowie not released a new album this year, Reflektor would have been my #1. This record is full of excellent tracks, but “Afterlife” definitely stands out and is easily my favorite.

♩ Arcade Fire – Afterlife [from Reflektor]



Easily my favorite track from Jim James’ (My Morning Jacket) solo debut. I’m a sucker for slow-building doo-wop and strings, which this track combines beautifully.

♩ Jim James – A New Life [from Regions of Light and Sound of God]



This track is absolutely stunning, which explains why it’s been one of favorites all year. Had Johnny Cash ever collaborated with Enigma, I imagine it would’ve sounded a bit like this.

♩ Phosphorescent – Song For Zula [from Muchacho]



Certain tracks have a way of always lifting my spirits and this is one of them.

♩ Mikal Cronin – Weight [from MCII]


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