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[watch] HAERTS//Wings


Today, HAERTS shared their official music video for their first single “Wings”.  The video premiered on Gorilla vs. Bear and is directed by Emily Kai Bock, who also created videos for Grizzly Bear and Grimes.  The single “Wings”, along with the Wildcat! Wildcat! remix, is available through Neon Gold on vinyl/digitally today, April 9th.  You can purchase the vinyl here.  Beginning this May, HAERTS will hit the road for their first tour with Shout Out Louds.  HAERTS debut album is due later this year.


[anticipation] HAERTS


Though i’ve only heard two tracks by HAERTS, with one being a remix, the debut album due out this year is still one i’m most excited about.  “Wings” is dream pop at it’s best and the Wildcat! Wildcat! remix has been my jam all week.  Stream both below and stay tuned for more (rumor has it a new single is on the horizon).