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(31) Days of Good//12.8.17

“Please,” might be Rhye’s first new song in four years, but the duo haven’t skipped a beat. The production is sensual and magical and Milosh’s vocals glide effortlessly along. If you’re in the baby makin’ mood, “Please” is essential.

Rhye – Please [single]


I know very little about Skrap. I can tell you they are a Norwegian two-piece with backgrounds in jazz. Combine that jazz with a bit of hip hop, electro, and R&B and you’ve got quite the banger.

Skrap – Marianna [single]


Kicking off the album is the track “Dragonfly“. A high-pitched drawl of an instrumental starts the spectacular song off. Beautiful vocals that send shivers down the spine really create an atmospheric sound to this gloriously elegant piece of music. A slight rock edge is added into the song about halfway through, only adding further layers to this never-stops-giving music. A perfectly delicious way to start an album. You’ve certainly gained me as a fan, Pumarosa. (via WPGM)

Pumarosa – Dragonfly [from The Witch]


On his first solo record, Rostam reminds us what makes Vampire Weekend (and Discovery) so special. “Bike Dream” might be the most Vampire Weekend-esque track on Half-Light, but it’s so good I can’t help but not feature it on this years (31) Days of Good. Rostam’s reserved vocals, paired with the loud and industrious production, combine for a refreshing and accessible offering.

Rostam – Bike Dream [from Half-Light]


[new music roundup] 1.13.17

A few of my favorite new releases this week…





Brandon Can’t Dance//Graveyard of Good Times



Chavez//Cockfighters EP



David Bowie//No Plan EP



The Flaming Lips//Oczy Mlody



Half Japanese//Hear the Lions Roar






The xx//I See You



What are your favorite new releases this week?