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[mix] Stranger Things 4

This mix is pure speculation at this point, but I can’t wait to return to the upside down, so here are some tunes to tide us over while we wait.

Who else is pumped?

p.s. a new teaser for season 4 dropped today and it moves the anticipation dial to 11.


[on repeat] Charli XCX//Super Ultra

Dark-pop songstress Charli XCX dropped her mixtape today — Super Ultra.  The mix features a brand new track (“Cloud Aura”, ft. Brooke Candy), along with production from the likes of Art of Noise, Baths, and How to Dress Well.  Charli describes the mix as “about love. Sometimes it’s stupid love and sometimes it’s heartbreaking love.  It’s about being confused.”

Download Super Ultra for free here.