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(31) Days of Good//12.20.16

I can’t really explain it, but this track really speaks to me. I love it especially the chimes in this. Nice nod to The Cure’s “Plainsong.”

Daniel Woolhouse – Map of the Moon [from What’s That Sound?]



Airy, pensive, and nostalgic alt-folk gem from the Australian native’s impressive debut LP. The dreamy vocals and steady build easily make this my favorite track from the record.

Julia Jacklin – Hay Plain [from Don’t Let The Kids Win]



Fantastic b-side from brother-sister duo Madeline (of Cults) and Richie James Follin’s (of Guards & Willowz) debut. This track bleeds nostalgia and I absolutely love the wispy synths and atmospheric sounds. I can’t wait to hear more.

Follin – Memories [from Follin]




[new music roundup] 10.7.16



A few of my favorite new releases this week…


Carla dal Forno//You Know What It’s Like






Hiss Golden Messenger//Heart Like a Levee



Jones//New Skin



Julia Jacklin//Don’t Let the Kids Win



Loretta Lynn//White Christmas Blue






Springtime Carnivore//Midnight Room



Trails and Ways//Own It



What are your favorite new releases this week?