stuck in my head this week

this first gem comes to us from N.A.S.A. (norther america/south america), a hip hop indie music duo consisting of Squeak E. Clean and DJ Zegon, off their debut album The Spirit of Apollo.

We Were Promised Jetpacks are an indie rock band based in Glasgow, Scotland, comprised of Adam Thompson (vocals, guitar), Michael Palmer (guitar), Sean Smith (bass), and Darren Lackie (drums). this particular track can be found on their debut album The Four Walls.
granted you haven’t been living under a rock this last year, the french indie, alternative rock group Phoenix needs no introduction. Lisztomania was the first single and one of many unforgettable tracks from their 4th album, Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix. here i have the acoustic version of Lisztomania for your listening pleasure.

technological adventures

as i sit here contemplating something clever to write, i realize i have absolutely no idea what i’m doing. inspired by my good friend brendan’s dive into the virtual world (35mmBeats), i’ve decided to add my own bit of taste to the world wide web. here you’ll get a taste of what feeds my fancy—mostly music, but sometimes movies, reading, fashion, poodles, etc. you don’t have to read this and you definitely don’t have to agree, but there’s a reason they’re concrete opinions.


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