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For those of you stressing about what to play at your next dance party, fear not. Girl Talk’s latest, All Day, was released today courtesy of Illegal Art. If that news alone wasn’t good enough for you, IA and Girl Talk are giving away the album for free here. Enjoy!

[update] See all the samples used in All Day while it plays at

Girl Talk is also going on tour. More info here.


Snow & Voices, a definite favorite of mine, just released their latest, So Freely.

It’s a cover of Tir Na Nog’s song from the 1972 release, A Tear and a Smile. This is the first release from the the music collective’s new covers project.

I can’t wait to hear the rest of this project. I was introduced to Snow & Voices last Summer and I absolutely love their sound and stylings. Unfortunately, I missed their last show at the Hotel Cafe, so i’m crossing my fingers for another chance to see them live.
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