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(31) Days of Good: Day 8

What does the Vancouver-based electro specialist Teen Daze have in common with the recently grammy nominated, lady killer himself, Cee Lo Green? They both had two of the best cover songs of 2010, which consequently earned them a coveted spot on today’s edition of (31) Days of Good.

First, the Teen Daze rendition of Japandroids track, Wet Hair. The heavy guitar-riffs of the original version have been replaced by electronica elements, which makes for a more than successful outcome.
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Cee Lo may have just received a (much deserved) Grammy nomination for the oh so eloquent track F**k You, but the real standout track from Mr. Green’s latest is the Band of Horses cover, No One’s Gonna Love You. Check out the track below and also be sure to watch the video. But be warned, the video contains some nudity, so NOT SAFE FOR WORK (NSFW).

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(31) Days of Good: Day 7

A bit under the weather, so short and sweet post today.
Fitness Club Fiasco are a synth-pop band that’s been recording in Bristol, England, for the past year (FCF describe themselves as a “a 4-piece synth-pop jungle gym”). In early 2010 they released this single and I was instantly hooked. The best way to describe this track is a fun song that makes you want to dance. According to the band’s Myspace page, they’ll have “a shiny new full length album out sometime when there’s snow on the ground (in Canada)”.

Fitness Club Fiasco – Forest City

[bonus] Forest City – Forest City (Camp America remix)

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This trio originally hails from Puerto Rico, but after different stints found them in different parts of the US, the trio converged in Brooklyn. In 2008, Cut Copy heard some of the band’s songs and handpicked them as an opening act on their North American tour. From here on out, Kordan became a household name in the indie music blogosphere. This year saw the release of Kordan’s debut full-length album, The Longing. My favorite track definitely has to be Closer—a seamless fusion of electro and shoegaze. Enjoy.
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