(31) Days of Good//2020

The holiday season is finally upon us and with it comes the 2020 edition of (31) Days of Good!

(31) Days of Good is my annual trip down memory lane and look back at some of the year’s best music. 2020 has been quite the dumpster fire, but there was still a ton of good music released. There really isn’t a particular order or rank for the songs, I simply pick my favorites and hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

This year I listened to 366 LPs/EPs/Singles, which resulted in a playlist comprised of 412 of my favorite songs (nearly 28 hours of music). If that’s too much, you can always enjoy the daily features here:

And this year marks the 11th year-end celebration that is (31) Days of Good. This all began back in 2009 with my good friend, and frequent collaborator, Brendan. We may have moved on from Blogger, and started families, but we still love discovering and sharing new music with anyone that will lend us an ear.

So “hold on to your butts.” It all kicks off on December 1st.


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