[on repeat] Torin Bell//Flight

It’s been yet another wet week in my Northern California abode and electronic producer Torin Bell’s latest ambient/downtempo single, “Flight,” is the perfect soundtrack to this rainy Saturday. I can’t help but lose myself in this song…in the best possible way.

I hear there’s an EP in the works for a March release. Until then, enjoy the rest of your weekend and be sure to check out more of Torin Bell’s work.



[on repeat] Tin Can Telescope//Tourist in New York

Tin Can Telescope is a Danish garage rock band, but the quartet has definitely mastered the art of NYC sound. Their latest single, “Tourist in New York,” is the perfect song to soundtrack an all night adventure in the big city – it’s loud, fast, infectious, and topsy-turvy in all the right ways. Prepare yourself for multiple listens, and as the band so perfectly puts it, “a garage rock experience of another dimension.”

Find “Tourist in New York”  and more on the band’s second EP, Winding up the Reeling Sensation (available now).



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